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The Virtual Institute of Sustainable Agriculture

The Virtual Institute of Sustainable Agriculture (WIRZ) is a non binding agreement between research and development establishments, institutes /academies/ colleges and academic groups or individuals actively involved with developing and applying the new technologies within the field of sustainable agriculture. Activity of the Institute is regulated by the Statutes and rules of the Consortium Agreement.

Substantial scope and aims of the Institute:

  1. Realisation of tasks of Baltic Agenda 21 in the agricultural sector, and within the scope of HELCOM tasks.
  2. Consolidation and reinforcement of potential of research and development activities of Polish and foreign scientific institutes within relevant scientific fields.
  3. Mutual exchange of information and results of research works
  4. Exchange of research services
  5. Promotion and co-ordination of research projects
  6. Enter into common undertakings and enable the Institute members to participate in the international research programmes as well as to take advantage of founds for scientific research, development and implementation.