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The project description
Currently, the society is experiencing a passive approach to environmental themes. Natural values of the region of "Little Homeland" are often underestimated and sometimes also destroyed in a more or less conscious way. Grasslands meet important ecological and aesthetic functions (landscape development), contributing to a large extent to increase the biodiversity of plant and animal species. Their production capacity directly influences animal feeding, which indirectly affects human nutrition. Grasslands also affect the water management in terms of quality (purifying and biofiltration, protection of springs and watercourses) and quantity (water holding and accumulation capacity, mitigating the effects of climatic extremes). In the field of soil protection, they contribute to reduction of soil erosion and perform a conservation function, protecting and preserving fertility of arable land. An important element of environmental education is the awareness of the region's youths about the importance of water resources in the environment and the impact of human being on circulation and quality of water. The region of Małe Pieniny mountain range has been the subject of numerous studies and elaborations carried on by ITP and NPPC- GMARI. This project is directly related to the missions of dissemination of knowledge possessed by scientists of both institutions.
Scientists will meet at workshops with students of primary schools living in the area of the Małe Pieniny mountain range. These meetings will be divided into two components - a presentation on natural values of the Małe Pieniny mountain range and a practical part using the experimental station. The purpose of workshop is to show how a human being influences the water circulation in his surroundings.
Malopolska Research
Jaworki, Biała Woda 12
34-460 Szczawnica
The main mission of ITP is protection of nature, water resources, as well as biological and landscape diversity of rural areas. The subject of ITP's activity is conducting scientific research and development works as well as implementation, dissemination, consulting, educational, training, promotional, inventive and monitoring activities
Hlohovecká 2, Lužianky, 95141, Slovakia
The main mission of NPPC-GMARI is researching and gathering knowledge on the sustainable use and protection of natural resources for plant breeding and animal husbandry, on the production and non-production impact of agriculture on the environment and on rural development.
Project coordinator
Dominika Bar-Michalczyk
Institute of Technology and Life Sciences
Malopolska Research Center
Ul. Ułanów 21B
31-450 Kraków
e-mail: d.michalczyk@itp.edu.pl
tel. +48 692-339-583
The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.
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