Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie

Ukazuje się od 2001 roku


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Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty
ISSN   1642-8145
Points acc. to Ministry of Science and Higher Education:   10
Journal “Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie” is a peer reviewed research journal published in Polish with English abstracts. Journal has been published continually quarterly in the spring, summer, autumn, and winter since 2001.
socio-economic, technical-technological and environmental-economic aspects of strategic and operational issues of national, regional and local range, concerning the protection, development and rational use of the environment, including: water resources, soil resources, permanent resources of grassland, as well as resources of species and landscape diversity in the process of sustainable and multifunctional development of agricultural and rural areas, as well as their transformations and technical and biological infrastructure.
Journal is indexed by: AGRO-LIBREX, AGRO-AGEN (Poznań), AGRIS, Arianta, BazTech, CABI (W. Brytania), Index Copernicus, EPNP, SIGŻ.

Journal (abstracts + full text) is available at: http://www.itp.edu.pl/wydawnictwo/woda

Editorial Board

prof. dr hab. Wiesław Dembek (nature protection)  
Deputy Editor-in-Chief
prof. dr hab. Szczepan L. Dąbkowski (water engineering)
dr hab. Halina Jankowska-Huflejt, prof. nadzw.  (cultivation of meadows, agronomy)
Subject Editors
prof. dr hab. Magdalena Borys (water and land improvement construction, geotechnique)
dr hab. Jerzy Barszczewski, prof. nadzw. (agronomy, cultivation of meadows, agricultural chemistry)
prof. dr hab. Janusz Ostrowski (soil science, cartography)
prof. dr hab. Stefan Russel (biology and i environmental biotechnology)
prof. dr hab. Edmund Kaca (land reclamation, rural sanitation)
dr hab. Stefan Pietrzak, prof. nadzw. (water quality, fertilizer components management)
dr Krzysztof Ukalski (statistics editor)
Grażyna Pucek (language editor)


Dział Wydawnictw ITP/Editorial Office
Instytut Technologiczno-Przyrodniczy
Falenty, al. Hrabska 3, 05-090 Raszyn, Polska
tel. +48 22 243 54 54, fax +48 22 735 75 06

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Woda-Środowisko-Obszary Wiejskie