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Contribution of mountain pastures to agriculture and environment.
Proceeding of the 16th Meeting of the FAO CIHEM
Mountain Pastures Network
25-27 May 2011, Kraków, Poland

Table of content

  • INTRODUCTORY TALK - Current role of grasslands in shaping and development of rural areas in Poland - an example of mountain voivodships małopolskie and podkarpackie
    H. Jankowska, B. Wróbel, S. Twardy

SESSION 1 Climate change and grazing impacts on vegetation

  • An assessment of the water requirements of a mountain pasture sward in the Polish Western Carpathians
    Kuźniar A., Twardy S., Kowalczyk A., Kostuch M.
  • The effects of climate fluctuations and soil heterogeneity on the floristic composition of sown Mediterranean annual pastures
    Aguiar C., Pires J., Rodrigues M.A., Fernandez-Nunez E., Domingos T.
  • Potential impacts of climatic changes on forage and pasture production in Northern Tunisia
    Chakroun M., Mezni M., Zitouna Chebbi R.
  • Do typical alpine forage plants have the potential to mitigate methane production by ruminants?
    Jayanegara A., Kreuzer M., Leiber F.
  • The impact of cattle and sheep grazing on grassland in Velka Fatra National Park
    Jendrisakova S., Kovacikova Z., Vargova V., Michalec M.
  • An analysis of botanical and functional diversity of mountain grasslands in relation to herbivore production systems
    Baumont R., Dallery B., Landré F., Beaumont M., Souriat M., Carrere P., Farruggia A., Ingrand S.
  • Characteristics of grasslands in the Polish Sudetes in view of fodder production potential and grassland protection
    Nadolna L., Żyszkowska M.
  • Pastoral Plans to support mountain farming in SW Alps
    Lombardi G., Gorlier A., Lonati M., Probo M.
  • The land use changes in the agricultural areas in 1980-2005 with particular attention to permanent grasslands, as per the example of the upper Raba basin
    Kopacz M., Twardy S.
  • Evaluation of faecal near-infrared spectrometry as tool for pasture and beef cattle management in herbaceous Mid-Eastern highlands
    Landau Y., Muklada H., Dvash L., Barkai D., Yehuda Y.
  • Influence of predicted climatic changes on grassland management and productivity in South-Eastern Carpathians
    Marusca T., Mocanu V., Cardasol V., Blaj V.A., Silistru D.
  • Virtual water: the case study of Lucerne cultivation in Greece
    Christodoulou A., Yiakoulaki M.
  • Relationships between grassland management, soil and pasture characteristics in Piedmont Mediterranean grazing systems
    Salis L., Sitzia M., Fanni S., Bagella S., Zanzu N., Roggero P.P.6
  • Coefficient of selectivity of young bulls grazing a Mediterranean natural pasture.
    Acciaro M., Decandia M., Marrosu M., Leiber F., Sitzia M.
  • Effects of sheep and cattle grazing on the habitats of ungulate game (Artiodactyla) and black grouse (Tetrao tetrix)
    Jendrisakova S., Vargova V., Kovacikova Z., Michalec M., Kastier P.
  • The role of grasslands in the formation of structural and spatial order of rural areas
    Twardy S., Jankowska-Huflejt H., Wróbel B.
  • An assessment of the natural value of meadow-pasture communities in the Middle Sudetes region
    Żyszkowska M., Paszkiewicz-Jasińska A.
  • Organic farming in northeast of Portugal : effects of soil fertility management on DM yield and nutrients composition of pastures
    Fernandez-Nunez E., Cuina-Cotarelo R., Mosquera-Losada M.R., Rigueiro-Rodríguez A., Rodrigues M.A., Arrobas M., Pires J.M., Aguiar C., Moreira N.
  • Effects of shrub and tree encroachment on plant biodiversity, pastoral value and yield of Bromus erectus-dominated grasslands
    D'Ottavio P., Rismondo M., Trobbiani P., Iezzi G., Seddaiu G.
  • The forest-grassland land use method as the alleviating factor of water erosion in the Carpathian Mountains
    Kowalczyk A., Twardy S., Kuźniar A.
  • Estimating aerial biomass and degradability of some tannin-rich species in the National Park of Zaghouan Mountains ( NE Tunisia )
    Ammar H., Kennou Sebei S., Ben Chrouda F., Sebei H., Laifa A., Allegui L., Lopez S.
  • Assessing the influence of grassland fertilisation on Rosa gallica L. shrub (case study)
    Sarateanu V., Moisuc A., Laies D.G.
  • Influence of Prunus spinosa L. shrub on the grassland vegetation in western Romania
    Sarateanu V., Moisuc A.
  • A typology to characterize grasslands in uplands dairy farms
    Piquet M., Seytre L., Orth D., Chabalier C., Landrieaux J., Theau J.P., Baumont R., Farruggia A., Hulin S., Carrere P.
  • The protective significance of meadows and pastures for the natural environment of the Western Carpathians (as an example of the Upper Dunajec River Basin )
    Smoroń S., Kopacz M., Twardy S., Kuźniar A.
  • Evaluation of sheep production systems in central Greece
    Yiakoulaki M., Galliou G., Christodoulou A., Papanikolaou C.
  • Technical and economic factors affecting the profitability of mountain grassland-based organic farms in the years 2004-2009
    Prokopowicz J., Jankowska-Huflejt H.
  • Comparison of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium budgets in organic farms of mountain and lowland regions
    Barszczewski J., Jankowska-Huflejt H.
  • Effects of grazing exclusion on vegetation and productivity of Kyrgyz pastures
    Kilyazova N.V., ?denov ? .I., Samsaliev ? .? ., ??rybekov ? ., Jeangros B.

SESSION 2 Mountain meat and milk production systems

  • Dairy production systems in the Italian alpine area
    Bovolenta S., Dovier S., Parente G.
  • Effects of NDF content in mountain pastures and cultivated pastures on lamb meat quality
    Lind V., Molmann J.
  • Effects of alpine vegetation type and animal breed on fattening performance and meat quality of lambs
    Willems H., Kreuzer M., Leiber F.
  • Yield and chemical composition of milk from dairy cows fed on roughage and concentrate in various ratios
    Ammar H., Azouz N., Ben Younes M., Zaafouri E., Kennou S., Lopez S.
  • Influence exerted by productivity and quality of different-level pastures on sheep productivity
    Dragomir C., Dragomir N., Toth S., Cristea C., Rechitean D.
  • Carcass and meat characteristics of lambs grazing on mountain pastures or reared on feedlot
    Atti N., Smeti S., Mokhtar M.
  • Kid's growth curve parameters of goat adjusted by Gompertz model
    Gaddour A., Najari S., Abdennebi M.
  • Curve lactation of goat genotypes in Southern Tunisia
    Gaddour A., Najari S., Abdennebi M.
  • Sensory properties of Cantal cheese from different feeding systems and ripening times
    Coppa M., Verdier-Metz I., Ferlay A., Pradel P., Didienne R., Farruggia A., Montel M., Martin B.
  • Are there any differences in bone metabolism of lactating sheep and goats kept on high altitude and lowland pastures
    Kohler M., Leiber F., Wanner M., Liesegang A.
  • Effect of PEG addition on milk composition of goats browsing a tanniferous fodder tree
    Ammar H., Azouz N., Ben Younes M., Lopez S.



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