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About the Institute

Structure of ITP

The organizational structure of the Institute has the features staff-linear and functional structure. The head of the Institute is the Director, to whom the top management of ITP is directly subordinate to: scientific deputy director, deputy director for administrative and technical affairs, deputy director for economic affairs, chief accountant. In this structure, top management creates a staff unit (council of directors) - specialized support for the Director for management of the Institute. The most important decisions are made solely by the Director, and the Director is responsible for the functioning of the Institute. On the other hand, the staff unit gathers information, prepares decisions, gives recommendations, conducts forecasting and so on.

The second level of organisation concerning research and development units (educational institutions, regional research centers) has a functional structure. At this level multilateral subordination applies. The managers are subject to the top management of ITP within specified limits. Each member of the management is partially responsible for the operation of the Institute. Director and top management ITP directly manage supportive, technical, and service units (departments, sections, positions) that perform tasks for the benefit of research units. Similar units function at lower levels of organization (branches, regional research centers, experimental departments).

The functional structure does not apply to ITP Research Laboratory. In this part of the Institute is organized according to the staff-linear structure (Director and the Staff Cell - Laboratory Manager - supervisors of individual laboratories).

The Institute of Technology and Life Sciences has two scientific divisions:

  1. agricultural engineering division,
  2. agro-environmental division (agronomy and environmental management).

The Institute consists of:

  1. Headquarters in Falenty
  2. Branch in Warsaw with Masovian Reseach Centre in Kłudzienko
  3. Branch in Poznań
  4. Lower Silesian Research Centre in Wrocław with Field Station in Kamieniec Wrocławski
  5. Kujawsko-Pomorski Research Centre in Bydgoszcz
  6. Małopolski Research Centre in Kraków with Field Station in Jaworki and Mountain Centre of Studies and Implementations in Tylicz
  7. West Pomeranian Research Centre in Szczecin

At the head of the Institute is the director who manages overall activities of the Institute. Deputy Directors are: Scientific Deputy Director for Agri-environmental Affairs, Scientific Deputy Director for Agricultural Engineering, Deputy Director for Economic Affairs, Deputy Director for Administration and Technical Affairs, and Chief Accountant

Initialization, consultative and advisory authority in the field of statutory activities, and in the development of scientific and technical research, is the Scientific Council of the Institute, whose tasks and activities are described in separate rules.

The basic science units of the Institute are: scientific research departments (ZN), regional research centers (ROB) and field research stations (St.), and technical support is provided by departments (Dz.), section and position (S). The basic unit of the Institute includes the Research Laboratory of the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences (LAB), the Products Certification Body (JCW), and the Environmental Technologies Verification Body (JWTS).

Scientific departments are located at the Head Office in Falenty, and in the branches (O): in Warsaw Department (O.Warszawa) and Poznan Department (O.Poznań), and in Mazovian Research Center. The headquarter in Falenty is headed directly by the Director of the Institute through his deputies, and the branch is managed by the Director of the Institute via his Deputies and by Branch Manager for the administrative and economical affairs. Regional Research Center is managed by a Director of the Institute through his deputies and Regional Research Centrer Director (ROB Director) for the administrative-economic and scientific affairs.

Headquarters in Falenty, branches, and regional research centers are administratively and economically separated units. Regional research centers are autonomous, established primarily for the benefit of dedicated regions. ROB and ZN can act as laboratories with independent workshops.

In scientific activity field, the ROB directors and ZN managers directly report to Scientific Deputy Director. Branch managers, ROB directors and ZN managers at the headquoters, report directly to: for the administrative and technical affairs - Deputy Director for Administration and Technical Affairs, for the economical affairs - Deputy Director for Economic Affairs, and for financial affairs - Chief Accountant. Head of Research Laboratory ITP, Head of the Products Certification Body, Head of Environmental Technologies Verification Body, and ZD directors report directly to the Director of ITP.

In terms of administration, the Research Station is managed by Station Manager who reports to the Director of ROB.

Units, who provide services as per separately drawn up tariffs, may be appointed in the Headquoters, branches and ROB.
The Institute comprises of Experimental Departments (ZD), managed by directors, as follows:

Experimental Department in Biebrza;
Experimental Department in Falenty;
Experimental Department in Poznan.

ZD is substantially, administratively and economically separate unit, works in the principle of full internal settlement, and prepares its financial statements independently. ZD Directors in economic matters interact with the Deputy Director for Economic Affairs and Deputy Director for Administration and Technical Affairs, and in matters of finance and accounting - Chief Accountant ITP.

In case of addressing special issues or interdisciplinary research problems, independent research teams (SZB) may be appointed.

Director, Scientific Deputy Director, Deputy Director for Administration and Technical Affairs, Deputy Director for Economic Affairs, Chief Accountant, Branch Managers and ROB Directors may ask subordinate units to perform tasks related to statutory activity of the Institute that are not listed in the organisational procedures.

Each ROB and branch, a person who carries out civil protection (OC) tasks, and who reports to the head of OC is appointed. In the matter of OC, strict territorial subordination is implemented, respectively: voivode - starost - the municipality - workplace.

The tasks and responsibilities of all organizational units of ITP are cooperation in carrying out the defence tasks, civil defence, and disaster management.