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tel. +48 22 720 05 31, +48 22 628 37 63, fax +48 22 735 75 06

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Research Laboratory of Environmental Engineering - LBI¦

Scope of work:

Ground and soil testing

Laboratory Tests:

  • physical properties,
    physical characteristics, including the composition and the particle size, bulk density, soil skeleton density, porosity ratio, liquidity limit, shrinkage limit, plasticity, the natural moisture content, optimal moisture content and maximum soil skeleton bulk density, organic matter content, calcium carbonate content;
  • mechanical properties testing, including endometric compressibility module, soil swelling pressure, ground resistance towards shearing (fall cone pentometer method, shear vane), cohesion and angle of internal friction by direct shear test in small and medium sized tester;
  • testing  of permeability of natural soils and anthropogenic lands (including coal mine tailings, industrial wastes and slag as well as other soil wastes generated by human agricultural activity), in variable and non-variable hydraulic gradient;

Field Tests

  • Field tests of soil properties (including drilling with intact and altered soil sample using dynamic penetrometer light - DPL with SD attachment and dynamic penetrometer medium - DPM);

Concrete and hardening suspensions testing

  • phisical and mechanical properties testing of fresh and hardened suspensions and concretes (including bulk volume, viscosity ratio, daily bleeding, setting time, strength testing on singular axis wall after 28 days).


Laboratory Staff

Name - Position e-mail Phone number Extension Room number
in the lab
Headquarters in Falenty: 22 720 05 31
prof. dr hab. in¿. Magdalena Borys
Laboratory Manager
22 735 75 53 553 LBI¦-1
Mgr in¿. Konrad Piechowicz
Senior Specialist
  22 735 75 66 566 LBI¦-9
Mgr Agnieszka Brodowska
  22 735 75 51 551 LBI¦-16
in¿. S³awomir Kadej
Independent Specialist
22 735 75 51 551 LBI¦-16
in¿. Micha³ Oczyñski
Senior Specialist
22 735 75 51 551 LBI¦-16

Laboratory Manager
prof. dr hab. in¿. Magdalena Borys
tel. 22 735 75 53