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Research Laboratory of Agricultural Electronics - LBER

  • Scope of activities
  • Quality Policy
  • Tested characteristics
  • Devices list
  • Pricelist
  • Staff

Scope of activities of LBER

  • testing of agricultural machinery and equipment with electric drive or electric heating elements, as well as equipment used for operating on living organisms with electricity
  • testing machinery for formation, batching, and packaging products
  • testing of machinery and equipment for agro-industry
  • fire safety testing
  • the tests are used for quality assurance as per directives for safety mark “B” certificate
  • Works towards update of Polish standards and policies in respect of safety of usage of agricultural electrical equipment
Location of LBER: 02-532 Warszawa, ul. Rakowiecka 32
mgr inż. Sylwester Żemajtys
Phone 22 542 11 30

Research Laboratory of Agricultural Electronics Quality Policy

  • acting as quality assurance entity
  • focus on trust
  • acting according to duties and responsibilities described in PN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • taking responsibility for the level of accreditation
  • contributing in this way to abolish technical barriers in international trading, has following goals:
    • achieve of systematisation of quality control and actions of the Laboratory to provide high level of services, according to international standards, and level of accredited competency by PCA units
    • introduce and maintain the Laboratory in international quality accordance network (notification) 
    • continuous improvement LBER competency and active acting upon arising needs for extending the accreditation in other fields as driven by international, followed by national quality accordance system.

Assuming that level of accreditation and customer satisfaction depends on LBER's staff qualifications and competency, we will fulfil following goals:

  • guarantee of independence and fairness on all levels of LBER’s activity
  • collaboration with accredited entities conducted in a manner compatible with the principles of impartiality and giving them satisfaction and value added
  • guarantee of transparency of the system due to detailed, readily available and in due time information provided about any changes in its functioning
  • dissemination of Customer consulting system
  • guarantee of privacy of Customers and protection of their property rights
  • LBER staff satisfaction guarantee by providing them with possibilities to improve their qualifications
  • management commitment to proactivity and promotion of staff’s methods of improvement of workflow
All LBER staff know and apply the policies and procedures contained in the Quality Policy and the accompanying documentation. LBER management declares that it will make every effort to ensure the quality policy was fully implemented.

LBER activity includes performing tests of electrical equipment, machinery, equipment and installations:

  • as per Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/WE implemented by Minister of Economy on the 21st of September 2007 on essential requirements for electrical equipment (Dz.U. No 155, item 1089)
  • as per Machinery Directive 2006/42/WE implemented by Minister of Economy on the 20th of December 2005 on essential requirements for machines and safety elements (Dz.U. No 259, item 2170)
Research is conducted according to the requirements of harmonized standards under the above directives - including the family of standards PN-EN 60335-1:2004, PN-EN 60204-1:2010, PN EN ISO 12100-1:2011
Laboratory conducts research in the majority of large objects (eg .: dryers, milk coolers, hatchers chamber) in Poland. This is possible by use of portable research and measurement apparatus, adapted for harsh environmental conditions, manufactured by such producers as: PTL DR Grabenhorst, METREL, R&S, Lab-EL, GOSSEN-METRAWATT, MEGGER. Measuring instruments used in fieldwork have laboratory instruments parameters.

Tested characteristics included in the accreditation process
(as per PN-EN 60335-1 i PN-EN 60204-1)

  • Classification
  • validity of symbols and warnings in manuals
  • safety validation of active parts
  • start-up power level of power-driven machinery and equipment 
  • power and currents consumption measurements
  • heating of construction elements
  • leakage currents and dielectric strength at operating temperatures
  • equipment resilience for water and dust penetration
  • leakage currents levels and dielectric strength at cold temperatures
  • overload protection of transformers and  circuits powered by the transformers
  • resistance to abnormal conditions of operation of the equipment
  • stability
  • safety systems construction correctness for mechanical hazards
  • mechanical strength
  • propriety of the design
  • propriety of selection and arrangement of internal wiring
  • propriety of selection and application of components
  • propriety of the connection to the network and the selection of external ducts
  • propriety of the construction of the outer conductor terminals
  • propriety of the implementation of protective connections
  • propriety of execution of the mechanical and electrical connections
  • probes for IP codes testing
  • surface, air clearance and creepage distances
  • high temperature, fire and creeping currents resistance
  • corrosion resistance
  • dust resistance
  • residual voltage resistance
  • propriety of electrical fittest of machines
  • insulation resistance

Testing devices list as per production standards

1 PN-EN 60335-2-15:2007 - electrical steamer
2 PN-EN 60335-2-41:2005 - pumps for liquids with temperature no higher than 350C
3 PN-EN 60335-2-55:2008 - devices used in aquariums and garden pools
4 PN-EN 60335-2-59:2007 - insecticidal devices
5 PN-EN 60335-2-70:2005 - milking machines
6 PN-EN 60335-2-71:2007 - heating devices used breeding and animal husbandry.
7 PN-EN 60335-2-73:2008 - mounted immersion heaters
8 PN-EN 60335-2-74:2008 - portable immersion heaters
9 PN-EN 60335-2-76:2008 - electric fences
10 PN-EN 60335-2-77:2010 - lawn mower powered from the grid controlled by pedestrian operator
11 PN-EN 60335-2-86:2006 - electrical equipment for fishing
12 PN-EN 60335-2-87:2004 - animal slaughtering devices
13 PN-EN ISO 13732 + A2:2009 - milk coolers
14 PN-EN 60745-2-15:2009 - hedge trimmers
15 PN-EN 809 + A1:2009 - pumps and pump systems for liquids
16 PN-EN 50338:2006 - battery operated mowers
17 PN-EN 786 + A2:2009 - electric lawn trimmers controlled by an operator and manual, as well as lawn edgers.


Lp. Device type Price in PLN
1 2 3
1. Grinders, shredders, crushers, mixers, cleaners, blowers 4.500
2. Feed wagons 3.500
3. Feed carts 5.000
4. Feed transporters, carriers 4.500
5. Feed conveyers 6.500
6. Feed silos without electrical components 1.500
7. Bucket milking system 4.000
8. Multi-site milking machine 8.000
9. Milk coolers with reservoir capacity up to 1000 dm3 5.000
10. Milk coolers with reservoir capacity over 1000 dm3 6.000
11. Manure scrapers 4.500
12. Slurry pumps 3.000
13. PWater pumps, contaminated water pumps 3.000 3.000
14. PAquarium pumps, fountain pumps 3.500
15. Steamers, electric boilers 3.000
16. Hot plates, heating mats and other heating devices 3.500
17. Breeding devices and hatchers 6.000
18. Incubators 3.500
19. Battery systems for poultry rearing 8.500
20. Simple ventilation systems 4.000
21. Complex ventilation systems 6.000
22. Ventilation systems in livestock buildings 8.000
23. Insecticide lamps, light traps, zapping traps 4.000
24. Egg UV irradiation devices with equipment 4.500
25. Energisers for electric fencing 4.500
26. Complete electric fences 5.000
27. Electrical equipment for fishing 4.500
28. Grain and seed dryers (equipped with up to three engines) 7.000
29. Grain and seed dryers (equipped with more than three engines) 10.000
30. Pneumatic transporters, electric blowers 4.500
31. Screw conveyors 4.000
32. Aquarium lamps, algae eliminators 3.000
33. Simple processing lines (up to 5 actuators) 15.000
34. Complex processing lines (more than 5 actuators) 20.000
35. Moto devices controlled by a pedestrian with one working element 4.500
36. lawn mower controlled by a pedestrian 5.000
37. Whipper snippers, trimmers, electric trimmer 4.000

Ceny są cenami netto dla urządzeń w wersji podstawowej. W poszczególnych przypadkach ceny są indywidualnie uzgadniane w zależności od złożoności urządzenia i nakładów na badania. W przypadku zlecenia badań typoszeregu koszt badania drugiej i dalszych maszyn lub urządzeń ustalany jest indywidualnie w porozumieniu ze zleceniodawcą, przy uwzględnieniu wielkości typoszeregu i przewidywanej pracochłonności badań.

Dla urządzeń nie wymienionych w cenniku koszt badania negocjowany jest indywidualnie w zależności od przewidywanej pracochłonności przy koszcie godziny 83,6 zł netto.

Podana w cenniku cena usługi badawczej dotyczy pełnego zakresu badań. Stanowi ona sumę związaną z badaniami, ich efektywną pracochłonnością, stopniem złożoności wyrobu i zakresem niezbędnych badań.

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Name - position e-mail phone number room number
Branch in Warsaw
mgr inż. Sylwester Żemajtys
Laboratory Manager - Quality Manager
22 542 11 30 130
inż. Karol Lorek
Deputy Manager - Technical Supervisor
22 542 11 30 130


Laboratory Manager
mgr inż. Sylwester Żemajtys
ph. 22 542 11 30