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Research Laboratory of Biofuels and Agro-energetic Systems - LBBiUA

Scope of work:

  • Research focused on improvement of physical properties of liquid biofuels:
    • Improvement of temperature properties of methylated esters of various origins;
    • Research on installation of refinery for methylated esters produced in-house by agricultural manufacturer;
    • Research on installation of refinery for vegetable oils produced in-house by agricultural manufacturer.
  • research of methods of glycerine phase utilisation:
    • Studying of co-incineration of glycerine phase in presence of biomass;
    • studying of possibilities of glycerine phase usage in fertilisation of vegetation;
    • usage of glycerine phase in biogas production.
  • Study of cogeneration processes:
    • energetic balance analysis of energy produced by power generator;
    • Study of influence of variety of gaseous fuels and bioliquids on functionality of cogeneration system;
    • Analysis of fumes for environmental pollutants emissions.
    • Study of co-incineration of various biofuels in efficient cogeneration system.
  • . Analysis of carbon footprint of agroenergetic technologies in RES:
    • Modelling of reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing RES in agriculture.
    • Configuration of data for LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) software
  • Analysis of external characteristics of agricultural tractors
    • Powered by methylated esters of various origins;
    • Powered by clean vegetable oils;
    • Powered by biogas.
  • Testing efficiency of biogas biomass for renewable energy use;
  • Testing argoenergetic synergistic systems
  • Testing small wind turbines for farms needs.
  • Testing photovoltaic systems usage on farms.
  • Testing possibilities of geothermal installation usage for heating livestock buildings.
  • Model testing usage of argoenergetic multi source synergy systems.